Scientific program Thasos - May 11-19, 2015

On our way to Thasos, on Monday May 11th

▶︎ Visit of Argilos,

▶︎ Thasos : as an introduction, have a look at

In Thasos, we will focus on the inscriptions of the Passage des Théores which is a visible chronology that was put under the eyes of everybody in the city

The students will work with the inscriptions kept in the Museum (rooms and storerooms), observe the topoi of display on the agora and around, work with all the documentation (photo, drawings, 3D views)
They will have practical training for field epigraphy : squeezes, photos, drawing
They will learn to work in a professional environment : an archeological site, the storerooms of a museum, with originals, a specialized library and digital tools

Case Study 1: The Theoroi lists

XML Edition in IGLouvre framework using Perseids plateform : lists of theoroi and sacred laws

Semantic Annotations : PersNames
Prosopography : internal and external
Time Line and Time Map
Thasian VIP
How to link photographs and architectural drawings with the XML edition

Case Study 2: A great Thasian Family in the 1st and 2nd century AD: the Herodes’ family

From J. Fournier, St. Dadaki, « Hérodès fils de Samos et sa famille. Autour d’une inscription funéraire en remploi dans la basilique Nord du site d’Hagios Vassileios (Thasos) » , BCH 136-137 (2012-2013), p. 269-298 (in Zotero library, Visible Words 2015, Fournier Dadaki 2012-13)

Case Study 3: Other inscriptions from the Passage des Theores

to come soon

May 12th : Sunoikisis Common Session - Monica Berti and Marie-Claire Beaulieu
The ATL - The Thasian Phoros

May 19th : Sunoikisis Common Session - Michèle Brunet
What does Thucydides says about Thasos in his book ?
Can we see ruins that can be linked with the text ?
Thasian walls

Practical Trainings by groups

• How to make a squeeze
• How to transform a paper-squeeze in a digital image (Digital Epigraphy Process)

• How to take a good photo of an inscription (2D)
• How to make a 3D reconstruction of an inscription by photogrammetry (Photoscan and Meshlab software)

• How to draw a graphic record of an inscription (hand drawing)
• How to turn a hand drawing in a digital drawing
• How to build a 3D view of a construction with inscriptions (SketchUp)

Planned Visits :
Thasos : the city, the Acropolis, the Walls, the Museum etc.
The island : visit by bus (marble quarries at Aliki)