Scientific program - Athens - May 04-07, 2015

Monday, May 04

Journée d’information - Opening session
École française d’Athènes

Tuesday, May 05

▶︎ 09:30 : RDV at the Best Western Museum Hotel

Musée Epigraphique - Epigraphical Museum - Επιγραφικό Μουσείο

  • Visit of the Museum

  • To introduce the 2 case studies:
    • Véronique Chankowski : La comptabilité athénienne et l'enregistrement du tribut athénien au Ve s. av. J.-C
    • Michèle Brunet : Le Dèmosion Sèma et la commémoration des morts au combat dans l’Athènes classique
  • 15:00 : Patricia Butz : The Corpus of Bilingual Inscriptions of Delos (presentation in the Epigraphical Museum)

Case Study 1: The Athenian Tribute Lists /the Athenian Phoros
Financial records from the Acropolis, 454-410 BC
See: Phoros: Sources for the study of Athenian Tribute

Case Study 2: Athenian Casualy Lists of the 5th c. BC - The Demosion Sema

Examples presented in the Epigraphic Museum

to be contextualized with parallels in the Louvre (IG I3 1147)
Links with Thucydide I, 104-105 who mentions the battles/wars conducted by the Athenians this very year

▶︎ 18:30 : École française d’Athènes, salle de réunion
Sunoikisis 5th Common Session :
Francesco Mambrini DAI Berlin : Who are the agents? Following the language of Thucydides

Wednesday, May 06

▶︎ 09:00 : RDV at the Best Western Museum Hotel

10:00 : Acropolis Museum

Case Study 3: Decrees for Neapolis IG I3 101 - ML 8

14:00 : Visit at the Dionysos Theater and Acropolis

Case Study 4: Inscriptions in the stoa nearby the Theater